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Comfortable healthcare shoes:
Healthcare shoes are designed to minimize stress on the foot and to correct foot posture and alignment, thus helping to reduce associated pain.

Orthotic insoles will help relieve heel pain, knee pain, and aching feet by stabilizing heel and ankle.

The super-lightweight sole blends in with your foot as soon as you wear. The healthcare shoes are recommended for not only outings but also work place.

Soft, non-binding upper with extra depth design and wide toe box eliminates pressure on bunions and hammer toes. They are also perfect shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy.

The foot width size is extra wide EEEE fit to prevent the skin from rubbing.

You will receive an extra pair of orthotic insoles for FREE when you purchase any Rose's orthotic shoes.

How to choose your size:

Each manufacturer has its own standard for shoe sizes, and the way they are labelled varies. The best way to do this is to step on a ruler and actually measure the length of the sole of your foot. Then, add 1 cm to the actual measurement to get the shoe size. First, give us your actual sole size measured in centimetres.

Our healthcare shoes can be one or two sizes smaller than the ones you normally wear.

When you buy regular shoes, you tend to choose wide shoes because of the foot pain. Therefore, the size of your regular shoes is much larger than the actual foot size.

Our healthcare shoes allow you to match the size of your actual foot. Your posture will improve and you will be able to walk comfortably.

For example;
If the measured sole length is 25cm, add 1cm to it. This is because extra space is needed to take off and put on. Also consider the thickness of the socks. As a result, we recommend the model RJB01 size 26.2cm or another model RJA08C size 26cm.

If you live in Auckland, a representative will visit you and offer the opportunity to see the actual product. Please feel free to request a FREE visit service.

Customer reviews


Very comfortable shoes. I have neuropathy and bunions. I'm very pleased with the purchase of this shoes. Highly recommended for people who suffer from foot pain.


I couldn't wear shoes because my little toe was injured about a month ago. Since then, I always wear sandals. My little toe has healed, but I still have a little pain. Thank you very much for introducing the shoes that can be worn comfortably in such a condition.


My job requires me long hours standing and lots of walking. I have wide feet and always struggling to find a pair of comfortable shoes. Thanks to Rose Heathcare, love your shoes, the cushion soles are so soft and relieve pain in the heel.

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