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Gel Bunion Shields With Toe Separator:

Orthopedic hallux valgus shields with toe separator:

Ideal for bunion relief for hallux valgus through covering.

Keeps your big toe off the next toe:

It relieves your foot pain of your big toe overlapping on your second toe.

Reduce bunion and hammer toe discomfort:

This is very soft and helps with the comfort of the bunion area.

Medical grade polymer gel:

Gels pads wrap around the big toe and have the toe spacer attached.

Wear socks over the bunion shields:

Put the bunion shields on and then put socks on over your feet. Your feet will stay comfortable all day.

Instant relief when you are wearing:

It’s very simple to use, just slip over your big toe and 2nd toe. It keeps your skin from rubbing against the side of the shoe.

One size fits most feet.

To clean them, just rinse them in the sink with warm soapy water.

We recommend you wear the pair overnight during sleep times.

This is a great bunion corrector for men and women for bunion care.


  • Help protect a painful bunion from rubbing and pressure

  • Made from super soft gel

  • Avoid overlapping 1st and 2nd toes

Slip shield over your 1st/2nd toes and separate the toes with attached spacer. We recommend washing the product with warm water and soap and then dry in the shade.

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