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Adjustable Knee Stabilizer for Patellar Tendonitis:

If your knee makes a noise and pain, we recommend this knee stabilizer.

It provides the extra cushion and moderate support for people who are suffering with swollen ACL, patellar tendon, ligament and meniscus injuries, arthritis pain, and hypertension.

The knee is a weight bearing shock absorber, as evidenced by the fact that as weight increases, so does knee pain.

So when you experience pain in one knee, you should take care of both knees.

This knee stabilizer is sold in a pair, please take advantage of it.

This product is comfortable as it unfolds and then wraps around your leg. When you buy it for your friends, you won't have to ask for their size.

Bulky? Yes, but it's worth of it. It provides a lot of support by holding patella in place, and it helps to prevent re-injury.

It does not cure the problem but makes walking a lot safer and pleasant.

Universal Size:

Suitable for Men & Women with leg circumference of 35~48cm. Please measure the leg circumference at about 10cm above the kneecap before you purchase.

Inbuilt Metal Side Stabilizers:

It can protect the knees by providing extra cushion while movement, especially for intense exercise.


Stability & Full Support:

Relieves pain from arthritis, swelling, bursitis, tendonitis and post surgery protection. Also prevents injuries and reduces inflammation.

Gel Patella Pads:

Gel patella pads can wrap around the knees tightly.

Elastic Straps:

Velco straps keep it from slipping, and X-Shape banding will give you stability and relieve pain.

Quality Material:

Breathable, lightweight and absorb sweat.

Easy to Wear:

Make sure the knee brace fits around the leg by actually measuring it before you purchase. Stick it at the position of knee to leave the kneecap uncovered. Make the two elastic straps wrap from the back of the knee to the front, then stick them on the front together - as shown in the picture.

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