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Non-electric Japanese Style Bidet Toilet Attachment - RB51, RB62, RB72

​Quality & durability:

High quality unlike any other with durable ABS material, metal/ceramic core valve, brass T-adapter, braided steel water hose.


Sanitary protection:

Self-cleaning feature sanitizes the nozzle thoroughly, the telescopic nozzle automatically retracts behind the convenient & movable guard gate for maximum protection and easy maintenance. We recommend activating the nozzle cleaning function before and after use. 


Adjustable water spray:

The water pressure control knob allows you to adjust the water pressure for comfort and elderly people and children can easily use the bidet to enjoy a healthy life.


Package contents:

1 x Bidet attachment

1 x Braided metal Hose

1 x Brass T-adapter

2 x Fixing plates

1 x Rubber washer

1 x Installation instructions

4 x Silicone seat raisers (Model RB51 only)

Daily habits are important in preventing hemorrhoids:

Proper buttock care not only prevents hemorrhoids from worsening, but also prevents them from developing. It is important to wipe carefully without leaving any stool debris behind, but scrubbing hard with toilet paper can worsen the condition from dermatitis to hemorrhoids. The skin on your buttocks is very vulnerable. Wash it off gently with the Rose bidet. After washing, wipe off the water by pressing against it rather than rubbing it with toilet paper. If there is bleeding, we recommend that you wipe it off by gently pressing a towel after cleaning.

Fresh water spray:

Some people may care about the spray temperature of fresh water because warm water spray is common in Japan. However, we guarantee that you only worry about it the first few times. Once you experienced a refreshing feeling after use, you won't be bothered by the fresh water at all. The longer you have it, the more you'll like it.

Water quality:

Only tap water (soft water) can be used. If you use hard water, groundwater or rainwater, be sure to filter it.

Product warranty:

We offer a one-year replacement warranty so you can use it with peace of mind.

Toilet seat:

Rose bidet does not require toilet seat replacement. A bidet with a toilet seat often does not fit because the shape and size of the toilet bowl varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Rose's bidet has no such problem.

Water supply:

Attach the T-adapter to the wall valve and connect it to the product body using a stainless steel mesh hose. Check the condition of the valve on the wall.

Installation and removal:

Installation and removal is very easy. This is a very useful design for those who are thinking about moving in the future or who live in rental housing.

No expensive wiring work required:

In most homes, electrical wiring is not provided near toilets or showers due to safety standards. Therefore, the wiring work to install a power supply beside the toilet is very expensive. Installing an electric bidet costs about $1,000 in total. With our bidet, you can save that money.

Braided steel water hose:

The included flexible hose (1/2"x3/8") is used to connect T-Adapter and the control knob water inlet. If the existing water hose cannot be reused, please purchase another hose (1/2"x1/2"). 600mm stainless mesh hose is available for $10.

Problem with the back inlet?

If the water inlet comes from the top rear of the cistern, it cannot be fitted in the usual way.  However, if there is an 8mm gap between the cistern and the wall, it can be fitted with a special hose set.

However, we have experience of installing with a gap of 5 mm, so please contact us in advance. T-adapter must be installed inside the cistern. The connection diameter is 1/2". When ordering a bidet, please let us know if you would like the special hose set. We will exchange it for a normal metal hose set.


We recommend activating the nozzle cleaning function before and after use and close the wall valve if you are going to be away for a while. The owner is responsible for all legal matters following installation of the device.

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