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Foot & Ankle Sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis:

Rose compression sleeve increases your blood circulation and it reduces lactic acid buildup and helps muscle recovery in ankle and foot.


Instant pain relief:

Helps relieve moderate plantar fasciitis, arch pain, ankle pain, heel pain and ankle swelling.

Support your feet:

Provides moderate compression and helps prevent future injuries and support recovery from existing injuries.

Lightweight and breathable:

Keeps your feet dry even after standing for long periods of time.


Rose compression foot sleeve is very useful for people who do not have swelling in the area but have moderate pain in the soles or ankles.


Pain from plantar fasciitis and medial shin splints often have roots in a dysfunctional talocalcaneal articulation where the talus has glided forward on calcaneus and become fixated there. Try this product before you spend a fortune.


When you go for long walks, you can wear normal socks over them and feel less pain and strain on your feet. You will forget you have them on because they are so comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How does it give arch support? Does it have some padding in the arch area?

A1: The sleeve is the same thickness all around. There is no padding. It’s more about the shape of the sleeve, and the tightness it provides in the proper areas.


Q2: My size is between M and L. Which size should I choose?

A2: If you have wide feet, add one size to your current shoe size. If you are at the upper limit of M size, we recommend choosing L size.

Q3: Do you wear socks under or over these?

A3: You wear socks over the compression sleeves. Your feet will stay comfortable all day.


Q4: Is this product sold as a single item or in a pair?

A4: They come in a pair.

How to wear:

1. Wear on clean and dry feet.

2. Place the heel part in the proper position.

3. Lightly pull both ends to make them comfortable.

4. If this is your first time wearing compression sleeves, take off for 15 minutes every 2-4 hours, and gradually increase the time after one week.


We suggest all women who are pregnant wear these sleeves. They will make your feet feel so much better.

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