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As you grow older, you will sometimes feel worried about the future. Sometimes, this worry starts to grow, not just in you, but also in your family. Sometimes, you will have your dignity hurt when you are unable to do what you used to do and sometimes, you will have to consider the financial and mental burdens of your family.


While many elderly people don’t want to cause their loved one's trouble, there are many kind children and family members who respond with a positive:

    “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

We want to share this sentiment, not just with people involved in nursing and healthcare but also on a more personal level. As a result, we’re constantly thinking about what we can do for all our customers and product users.


Sometimes, you feel loneliness and anxiety that you can’t put into words. Sometimes, you worry about whether or not anyone can understand your feelings. However, when you go and meet new people, it can become the vitality you needed for tomorrow.

    “It was nice to see this person today. I want to see them again soon!”


    “Life has become more fun since I started using this service.”


Our corporate philosophy is to deliver such positive thinking to all our product users.

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