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Toyota Hiace

Introducing high quality accessible vehicles:

An accessible vehicle is different from a normal passenger vehicle and must fulfil two of your requirements:

  1. The vehicle you want to ride

  2. The assistance features you want

We don't just sell or modify accessible vehicles, we consult with you to help you choose a vehicle that is easy to get in and out of, that suits the lifestyle of the person being cared for and their family.

We put a lot of emphasis on 'listening' and making recommendations that are tailored to you.

In NZ, the quality and reliability of Japanese vehicles have long been held in high regard. And just like in Japan, the ageing population in NZ is facing mobility issues.

We are committed to providing NZ customers with highly durable and user-friendly Japanese accessible vehicles with a spirit of hospitality "omotenashi".

< Frequently Asked Questions >


Are there any used accessible vehicles available for sale?

As the range of new accessible vehicles from different car companies has grown, so has the number of used accessible vehicles available in Japan.


In the case of used vehicles, are there any broken devices etc.?

All our vehicles are delivered to NZ having been fully serviced and maintained in our own workshops in Japan, including engines and assistance devices. All repairs are carried out using genuine parts specified by the manufacturer. So you can buy with confidence.


Do you offer a product guarantee?

All vehicles come with a one-year warranty.


What about regular servicing and maintenance after purchase?

We are happy to introduce you to a workshop that we co-operate with. If a part needs to be replaced, it will be sent from our factory in Japan to the workshop as soon as possible.


Does Rose Healthcare import these vehicles?

The vehicles will be imported and sold by Disability Cars 4U. Disability Cars 4U is a NZ company established by Yamashita Auto, one of Japan's leading specialists in disability vehicles, to deliver these vehicles directly to you. As a result, we are able to offer much better value for money than the traditional NZ market price. Rose Healthcare will offer you free assistance in selecting a car for you.

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