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Thin Compression Knee Sleeve for Knee Pain Relief :

Try this if you are looking for added thin, comfortable support while on your feet all day at work.

Rose Compression knee sleeve is designed to relieve general knee pain, arthritic knees, runners knee, improve balance and reduce swelling by using.

The knee sleeve gently lifts the Patella securing it in place.

Unlike bulky splints, neoprene fabric and copper braces, Rose compression knee sleeve is easily slipped on and pulled into place.


The thin sleeve makes it comfortable to wear under any apparel all day long.


The elastic support provides even compression and support to weakened and injured knees.


  • Relieves pain and improves mobility

  • Breathable, thin and lightweight

  • Boosts circulation

  • Reduces swelling and gives support for injured muscles and joints

  • For compression-wear beginners and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time

  • There is a pair of the knee sleeve, 2 pieces

  • Fabric is thin, so that it wouldn't be noticeable under clothing

  • Hypoallergenic dots and strips are used to keep the sleeve in place

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