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Toyota Sienta
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Small to medium sized accessible vehicles:


We often receive the following enquiries from customers looking for an accessible vehicle.

"Customer wishes"

  • My elderly mother has a leg injury and uses a wheelchair. As a result, she rarely goes out anymore and stays at home most of the time. I would like to buy a wheelchair accessible car to take her to the café she used to go to every day, but I don't have the confidence to drive a big car with a lift safely.


  • My partner is now in a wheelchair and I want to buy a new vehicle to make it easier for him to go out. But vans like ambulances are inconvenient to drive and difficult to park. I would like a mobility vehicle that is as compact as our current vehicle.

  • My family member is now in a wheelchair, but we already have several passenger cars. I would like to buy a wheelchair accessible car, preferably as a replacement for my current hatchback. I also use the car for commuting, so I would like a car with good fuel economy and low maintenance costs.

Most wheelchair accessible vehicles used to be vans. This is a very convenient vehicle as it can carry four or five more people even with a wheelchair.


However, if the person lives at home and is assisted by a family member, a vehicle almost the same size as an ambulance would be inconvenient to drive. We also understand the disadvantage of owning more than one car when there is only one person driving. Maintenance costs such as car insurance and servicing are not cheap.


For those who are concerned about these issues, we recommend small to medium sized accessible vehicles sold by Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of accessible vehicles available from Japanese car manufacturers to meet the needs of an ageing society.


It is not modified vehicles, but vehicles designed by the manufacturer specifically for wheelchair users, so every detail has been thought out and designed.


The vehicles we offer are used and therefore very reasonably priced, and all of our vehicles are inspected and fully serviced at our own factory in Japan before being sent to NZ. We also offer a one year warranty on all our vehicles.


We, at Rose Healthcare, are happy to help you with your vehicle requirements. Please click here to contact us.

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