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Unisex Healthcare Shoes - Diabetic & Arthritis Relief RJA08F

RJA08F Navy
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Product Details
Code: RJA08F Navy

Style: Unisex design

Upper: Breathable fabric material

"Purchase any Healthcare shoes and receive an extra pair of orthotic insoles for FREE."

These healthcare shoes are recommended for diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, ball of the foot pain, heel pain, bunions and hammer toes.

The non-binding upper, extra depth design and the deep, wide toe box allows the foot to relax and spread out naturally.

Features of the healthcare shoes:
1. Soft, non-binding upper with extra depth design
2. Wide toe box eliminates pressure on bunions
3. For preventive treatment of arthritic and diabetic
4. Relieve pain and fatigue in ankles, heels and knees
5. Anatomic arch support
6. Minimize friction and prevent strain damage
7. Designed specifically to improve foot posture
8. Anti-bacterial, anti-odour and lightweight

< How to choose the size >

The shoe size such as US and UK vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, be sure to measure the length of your foot sole with a ruler in centimetres, and add 1cm to the measured length.

Our healthcare shoes can be one or two sizes smaller than the ones you normally wear.

When you buy regular shoes, you tend to choose wide shoes because of the foot pain. Therefore, the size of your regular shoes is much larger than the actual foot size.

Our healthcare shoes allow you to match the size of your actual foot. Your posture will improve and you will be able to walk comfortably.

For example;
If the measured sole length is 27cm, add 1cm to it. This is because extra space is needed to take off and put on. Also consider the thickness of the socks. As a result, we recommend the model RJA08F size 28cm.

Sizes in stock: 27.2cm, 28cm, 28.8cm, 29.6cm

< About shipping >

If you are in North Shore or Auckland city urban area, we are able to deliver essential products to your door during the Level 4 lockdown. We are happy to help and improve the lives of all Kiwis, and we can do it safely, during this time. The range of essential products includes medical face masks, orthotic insoles and diabetic & arthritis Relief Shoes.

If you require Courier delivery, please contact us as the shipping fee varies by region.

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