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Greetings! My name is Kenji, representative of Rose Healthcare.

Whenever I visit my favourite cafe, I often see elderly people reading books and newspapers while drinking tea or coffee. Sometimes, I see them read the same newspaper over and over again. Other times, I see another start re-reading a book from the very beginning once more. Just the other day, I even noticed another elderly man who was simply enjoying the jokes of the people at the table over from him.


When I see this, however, I also notice that these people are always alone and recall times where my own mother would tearfully confess that she was afraid to be alone as she grew older.


There are times when you feel alone for no apparent reason and as such, during those times, you may want to look for a way to feel connected to society; such as visiting areas like a cafe in order to feel apart of a crowd. Here at Rose Healthcare, we not only provide care products to our customers but also possess a desire to provide opportunities for elderly people to gather.


Creating opportunities for our product users to meet new friends; to come together with their family over a board game; maybe to even help some participate in sports clubs… the list of ways we strive to help our customers lead a happier lives go on.


You were busy and have worked hard to create a better society for your children. You all deserve my utmost respect and praise, and it is from our desire to help people like you that Rose Healthcare was formed.


Let us work together to bring happiness to those who have earned it.

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