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Non-electric bidet RB series

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Code: RB series
Rose Non-electric Bidet for Prevention of Cystitis & Hemorrhoids:
While the full extent of COVID-19's global impact is yet unknown, but maintaining good hygiene is important to your health. Rose bidet provides a hygienic lifestyle to you and your loved ones.

Introducing a new bidet toilet attachment:
When we get our hands dirty, we rinse off the dirt with water. Wiping them down with paper can leave odor and discomfort, and if you touch your mouth or eyes directly, you can cause irritation from germs.

The same is true for your buttocks. E. coli bacteria can be found around the anus and in the delicate zone, but if you scratch the area with toilet paper too hard, germs can get into your bloodstream and cause inflammation such as hemorrhoids.

And, Cystitis can occur when E. coli bacteria enter the bladder through the urethra. Furthermore, if the bacteria entering the urethra reach the kidneys, it can lead to kidney failure.

Elderly people, in particular, tend to endure pain instead of going to the doctor when they have a bladder infection, despite the fact that their immunity system is weakened.

In that case, by the time the family noticed something wrong with her/his health, she/he may become seriously ill and even life-threatening. Women are more susceptible to bladder infections, so hygiene is essential for elderly women living alone.

Cystitis is suspected if you have frequent urination, pain after urination, a feeling of residual urine, hematuria (bloody urine) or a strong odor. After defecating and urinating, it is recommended to rinse the delicate zone with water to keep it clean.

Rose Japanese style bidet is ideal for

  • People who have suffered from cystitis or hemorrhoids
  • People feel pain when rubbing delicate zone with paper
  • Families with elderly
  • People with disabilities
  • Pregnant women
  • People who want a hygienic lifestyle

No electricity required. This solves the installation issue:

This bidet does not use electricity, so it can be easily installed without expensive electrical work.
Therefore, it is also suitable for people who live in rental housing or who plan to move in the future.
We guarantee that regardless of the person using it, the longer you have it, the more you'll like it.


  • No electricity required
  • Fresh water spray bidet with self-cleaning nozzle
  • Ensures a refreshing, hygienic experience
  • Simple ergonomic control
  • Easy DIY installation to upgrade your bathroom
  • Includes stainless steel mesh hose and metal T-valve
  • Comes with 12 month replacement warranty
  • Package also includes plumbers thread tape for installation
  • No need to replace toilet seat

<< Premium Non Electric Bidet - RB72 (2022) >>

== Sold out. Waiting for new arrivals ==

The latest developments in the design of the bidet have improved its quality and durability. Simple and unnoticeable in appearance, it will not spoil your bathroom décor.

The elegant design also improves user-friendliness. Just rotate the handle and it works wonderfully. Safe to use, even for families with small children.

Dual Spray Nozzle:

Model RB72 features dual nozzle for two spray modes. The front cleaning mode provides a soft mist spray for gentler, more feminine cleaning than the rear spray. The rear cleaning mode is a powerful spray that provides a comfortable cleaning effect for everyone, regardless of gender. You don't have to worry about damaging your sensitive skin with coarse toilet paper.

Nozzle Protection Design:

The nozzle is designed to sink, keeping a certain distance from the toilet seat ring. It can prevent the nozzle from being broken by the toilet seat ring due to external force when using the toilet.

< Customer Feedback >

I have been suffering from hemorrhoid pain for a long time, but after two weeks of using the Rose bidet, the pain's gone. It feels so much better when I wash my butt with water instead of scrubbing it with bristly paper. My hemorrhoid has healed completely without surgery, it's like magic. - David

I've never used a bidet before but I decided to get one for me and my wife. Now, both of us like using the bidet at home. It's a new phase of our lives and much appreciated. - Ray
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